About FPN Rwanda

FPN Rwanda is a forum that consists of different private newspapers in Rwanda, This Forum has been founded in 2011 February by the owners of private newspapers operating in Rwanda. The Forum of private newspapers in Rwanda, FPN consists of twenty five (25) private newspapers operating through the City of Kigali and in all provinces of Rwanda.

These are the following newspapers:



The role of the media is varied and somewhat complex, however it requires a strong media sector to provide additional checks and balance on government, foster an environment of accountability, provide a public forum for debate, and encourages an informed and educated citizenry for a sustainable development.

Noting that the media industry has fallen short of the mark set to parallel other sectors in Rwanda’s quest to move from being a low income earning country to a medium income-earning nation in line with its Vision 2020 prioritizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT), media practitioners are now vigorously seeking ways to uplift the industry.

To move on the parallel the equal footing with other sectors in Rwanda, print media practitioners formed a Forum of Private Newspapers (FPN) to collectively support media print operators in addressing publishing challenges. This was born from the concept that working together collectively solves problems than individually and helps to tackle common challenges

The objectives of FPN

  • Support in overcoming financial constraints that lead up to our members becoming irregular;
  • Create a distribution network of newspapers within and outside the country and help to devise means of enriching the culture of reading;
  • Establish working relationship with Private Sector Federation to further enlighten print media challenges and be represented in the private sector;
  • Promote professional journalism in the sector;
  • Enhancement of information technology and help members in research and development;
  • Establish working relationships with institutions of common interests, within countryside as well as on the international level;
  • Advocating for private newspapers and print media in general

The potential of FPN

  • The General Assembly
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Auditors’ Office